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Jamaica household workers' union reclaiming their rights. Picture courtesy Walk Free.

Jamaica household workers’ union reclaiming their rights. Picture courtesy Walk Free.

Despite we are at the XXI century, in certain parts of the world things keep like on the XVIII one. At Jamaica, for example, they keep having domestic slavery. On a country of that size this means a 9% of the population is suffering those constant abuses and vexations.

It was a shock when, a few weeks ago, it was revealed a girl of 14 years old from Haiti had finished at Jamaica because she was promised to be schooled. The sad reality was she had to suffer domestic slavery and all sort of sexual abuses from the one whom was going to be his saviour.

Since years ago, people from Jamaica is fighting to make their leaders sign the C189 which is the legislation which will banish domestic slavery. Right now, they have an opportunity of to make that dream truth. The Jamaican Prime Minister is going to attend to the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week and it is crucial that this time it will be treated the C189 which is an international standard to protect domestic workers from exploitation.

If you want to help people from Jamaica, please, raise your voice. Sign this petition and share it as much as you can. It would help to change the lives of so many people on a small country where not so many know all the things which are happening. Not everything at the Caribbean it is sun and to enjoy.


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