Urban Dove

Urban Dove logo. Picture courtesy from Urban Dove.

Urban Dove logo. Picture courtesy from Urban Dove.

One of the missions of this page is to let know to others things which maybe they unknown. Probably, because they are small causes, because they have been taken out of the news or press section seeing that day it was loaded with more content… Sometimes the right tools do not reach the people and people believes those tools do not exist or that the world and the system works wrong because no one is helping them. Ruefully, that is what it uses to happen.

Now, here is introduced a local NGO which works on New York area with kids and teenagers. It is called Urban Dove and its mission is to accomplish each young individual could reach the three E: Energise, Educate, Empower. They organise all sort of activities to encourage those children, to build their self-esteem and to help them to become better on their studies. To improve themselves and to help them to reach their dreams. You can know more visiting their web page to know how you can get involved or you can help them.

Like it has always been a constant from the foundations of this site. Here it is not only for to share the information and to help others, if not for to check how to connecting several people with their causes they can learn they had a tool, a hope, a help, next to their corner and they did not know about it. Let’s keep helping them to share that information to improve this world and the hopes of others.