Imagine Peace

Strawberry Fields Memorial on New York.

Strawberry Fields Memorial on New York.

In a world full of wars of all sort it seems even harder to find peace. Not only around us, if not inside ourselves. It is hard indeed to reach those sort of calm moments. One can use all the meditation tricks, therapies, yoga, sometimes it is about aromatherapy or to can afford or to buy certain things which make our life easy.

To each one, inner peace represents a different moment or routine but in fact, it is not all of us have a different concept of peace if not each one of us finds different ways of to reach it. To me, for example, peace is found walking away of certain troubles, ways of thinking… To can enjoy the silence on a room, even if on the next one someone is hitting the walls or making noises, even if on the streets there is a terrible noisy traffic. I do not mind because it is not about what it is outside if not inside that room. Sometimes, my pet is with me. Sometimes is not. And like a luxurious peace treatment I like to enjoy a cup of tea, any one, maybe coffee and some reading. That is the daily peace goal of my life and whatever you can think. It is not very easy to find but that would imply to share so many tales and this is not the blog which treats about them. One day, people could enjoy Ambrosia’s stories and with that some clever ones will get it.

Personally, I find my inner peace quickly on my writing work that sometimes in some yoga or meditation therapies. Sometimes, I find it writing this posts, sometimes my own journal and sometimes is my fiction work. Still, it is quite weird how certain duties or jobs can really help to improve each one and if one has not archived that sort of “I’m in peace and enjoying what I’m doing.” They should change their jobs.

Life is complicated and it brings to us so many ups and downs. Sometimes those are more than 400 blows of which not even Truffaut himself knew about. But we must to keep here, dealing with them and overcoming them, giving our best for to help others and for to enjoy the few minutes of peace left in the world. Because we should work harder each day, and not only on International Peace Day, to archive peace starting for ourselves. However, it seems the real dreamers or hippies are the real species in danger of extinction in our days. And it is easy to blame and to transmute any positive will or thought from others in the most twisted ways. To archive what? More war? Which is the sense? So here it is, more than 20 years of: “War is over if you want it” we keep exactly like on those times. In which it seems people is more worried by themselves than for to really help others in anything that they can. Not need to remember who was the biggest dreamer of all whom wanted to be happy when he will become adult and his teacher told him he did not understood the question. Maybe he did not but he was not the only real dreamer on the world. Enjoy