Pristine Seas 2016

Picture courtesy National Geographic

Picture courtesy National Geographic

There was a series of stories which started with: “Space the final frontier…” The ones whom are in love of filmmaking probably know about them too. Also, about that one inside the saga directed by Leonard Nimoy which needed to travel to the past to find on Earth some of the last species of whales. It was all about one of this missions Scottie and folks used to have but on those times they ended on San Francisco Bay instead of the other corner of the space system. Correction: space does not have corners, neither the Ocean have and both have been so less explored that all of this has been a good way for to start.

In our days, we are observing how so many of our wild species are suffering and they are in danger of extinction. This is happening everywhere and clearly we must find a solution for all of that. However, on the places in more danger is the sea, where there are not only all sort of fishes, sharks, otters or whales. Oceans and their preservation are very important for so many other creatures which have for habitat the earth. Not need to tell how difficult is the climate change for polar bears, seals, penguins… It is the never ending.

In a hope that on the future the Starship Fleet do not have to use black holes for to travel to the past and to rescue species which died centuries ago, it has been created the Pristine Seas initiative. Alright, I recognise, maybe it has not been created with so geek proposes like my mind uses to think but I am storyteller and it is a good plot. I like to break in time to time the serious tone.

Here, I leave you a video about how important is the work of this National Geographic initiative and if you want to know more, to help or to support just click here.