Boy In The Sand

Picture courtesy UNHCR

Picture courtesy UNHCR

It is a fact that we are living the biggest refugee crisis since the World Wide II. All the days there are all sort of pieces of news remembering those catastrophes which are affecting the lives of so many people around the world. Right now, the situation keeps being difficult in certain areas of the world but it is in our hands to keep informing about the injustices and to help them as much as we can.

One year ago, a photograph of Alan Kurdi‘s small lifeless body on a Turkish beach, drew the world’s attention to the horrific dangers faced by those people whom does not have other option than to leave their homes. They see themselves forced to make it. And in most cases, those risks finish in this tragic ways.

Tragically, since September last year, an average of 11 men, women and children have drowned each day trying to reach safety. So, with the support of people like you, we will continue to tirelessly highlight the urgent need for States to come together to prevent these perilous journeys.

Celebrated performance poet and UNHCR supporter Emi Mahmoud, was among those saddened by that shocking photograph and here she pays a moving tribute. She has decided to make a tribute called Boy in the Sand. You can check it bellow but please, do not forget to give your support.