The Invisible Majority

Picture courtesy Messengers of Humanity site.

Picture courtesy Messengers of Humanity site.

Not so many know what an IDP is but, at the same time, the paradox of this historical times makes so many people, whom do not have access to computers, water, food or some basic resources, know so much about what IDP means. Let me give you a clue: most of the worldwide refugees are IDP which means Internally Displaced Person.

More than 65 millions of people have seen themselves obligated to flee from their homes. Some have crossed borders, others not, while others have perished on the way of they have been victims of all sort of unfair abuses.

Since sometime ago, this site is one of the so many Ambassadors of Humanity. It is for this reason, it not only pretends to educate, to help and to share with so many people the real problems of our planet if not to spread all sort of information which could be helpful to others. We really need to be more empathic the ones with the others if we want to make this world to keep advancing.

On the Messengers of Humanity blog you can find the seven causes of why this majority is invisible. A huge irony and unfairly treatment which must be resolved because while some people only dream with to get physical things, the biggest dream of others is to simply have a legal paper which could help them to keep forward: studying, escaping, advancing, recognising who they are… On these days, more than ever, what we really need on this world it is not money if not and overdose of sincerity, goodwill and empathy.