W is for Water

W is for Women. Picture courtesy Water.org

W is for Women. Picture courtesy Water.org

On the past, it has been shared several posts about how the NGO Water works for to improve the lives of others. It seems something that, for so many people, is very current but for so many others the access of tap water is all a wish: a dream. They do not know that, neither which is basic sanitation or residual water waste systems. In most cases, potability water plants or the ones which recycle it for avoid contamination are things which people have heard they exist but they are not sure if those things are real or fiction stories. That is what it really happens on certain remote places of the planet right now. Not need to time travel.

It is for this reason, Matt Damon‘s NGO works for to make this sort of fiction myth reality. But, well… Not sure how to define this…

Actually, you can join the conversation too with Omaze, Ben, Matt, Tom, grab pizza, beers and so much more. Still, those fellows have other ways of to work and to… Help to bring water to the world. Please, check the new campaigns of Water.org or how you can become a fundraiser and to make so many good things for others. If not, why do not to take the pizza option for to have fun and to share some charity? There is always a way of to help if you propose it. So, keep with it guys. You are making it amazing. And this is for the readers of this site, do not think is some sort of… How do they call it? Oh, virtual communications mess. Skyping or not.

REMEMBER: People here is going to take holidays. No, it would not be any synchronising problem on your devices, neither some sort of worst drama. I have heard all sort of stories since 2010. The case is some folks are mortal, just like the one whom makes all of this: ME. So, I am on my well deserved right of to take holidays. You could read again new stories on the future and, like a filmmaking classic said: “I’ll be back.” Be sure…