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AAA Sustainable Coffee. Picture courtesy Nespresso.

AAA Sustainable Coffee. Picture courtesy Nespresso.

There are so many people whom do not know the real work certain companies are making behind. For certain consumers it is only about to buy the brand, but for certain brands is not only about that. They have behind them a hard work in sustainability which cannot be seen or understood for so many. For this reason, it is better to explain things on different platforms about how the things work instead of to quickly condemn them.

It has been heard a lot of things on the news about how coffee capsules contaminate. And it is right, they do. But no because the company whom creates them has not put solutions to that if not because the person whom consume them has not acquired the responsibility of recycle.

Being totally honest and following the line of the video bellow. I disliked coffee half of my life until, it arrived a moment, two or three years ago when I went to a Nespresso store with some friends and I tried a courtesy cup. Then, I discovered my problem was not that I disliked coffee. My problem was that I disliked the bad one. Since then, I saved and I invested in one of those machines. However, the problem was always the capsules. Not the fact of to get them if not what to do with them. So many people whom I know simply drops them to the trash because they believe that is what Nespresso does and I am the crazy one because I keep them on a jar until I am going towards an area where I know there is a Nespresso store for to drop them. But later, it is easier to say it is Nespresso the one whom contaminates instead of to recognise it is their laziness.

Nespresso is working for so long with Rainforest Alliance in what it is called Sustainable Coffee. It is also known by The Positive Cup, you can read it there. But also, it is a philosophy which not only helps coffee farmers if not it promotes to create the best coffee for your delight. What else?  Well, one goes to the recycle point, drops the capsules to check how the cycle of life of this coffee brand continues. The aluminum is separated from the coffee – watch video-. That aluminum is melted for to reuse like metal in different things and that coffee is used for to create composts which fertilises the soil of other farmers of that country, on this case –Spain-, rice fields (video). Everything is thought, conceived and planed for to keep the cycle and to help our planet. If that cycle is broken is not because it does not exist if not because someone insist in to break it. So simple like it is. Now, enjoy George Clooney video and, for a remember: this is not sponsored neither paid. Worldless works for to bring culture and information, just like newspapers should do it.