Mosul needs your help

Picture courtesy UNHCR

Picture courtesy UNHCR

The situation is tragic like it can be in any war but right now, Mossul is passing some of their most difficult times. If past months, a huge wave of refugees left the area and flooded Europe. Now, the situation cannot be contained. After all, those people would not left their houses if the situation on their country could grant them a fair and good live; but it is not the case. Those families are constantly living in fear by the threats and raids of the Islamic State. Fact which is not fair.

In the past weeks, a new offensive to push out the Islamic State from Mossul has started. Most families are suffering the consequences of this war. Some of them are leaving and they are what are known like refugees. For this reason, it is important to remember the ones whom are in disadvantage, in respect with the rest of the world; to support them, remember them and to help them.

There are several ways of to help people, sometimes it is not needed the economical one. However, it is good to remember the work: voluntaries, humanitarians and so many other people involved do for to help other people whom is in downside. Right now, more than 7,200 families have left the area and UNHCR needs more than 50,000 tends for to bring shelter, food, water and so many other basic things to all. No one expected, at the beginning of this year, this sort of huge mass movements of people would happen. For that reason, it is needed your help and support. If you can contribute making a donation here. So many people will be thankful for your support.