Can Make-Up Draw Attention to Humanitarian Crisis?

Picture courtesy Messengers of Humanity.

Picture courtesy Messengers of Humanity.

There is a long time debate opened about what is and what is not social awareness. Which measures are better to call the attention towards a theme, which must be resolved and which not. Not need to mention how many issues affect currently this planet, most of them go from: humanitarian cases, slavery, environmental issues, wildlife species protection, climate change

It seems there is some sort of preconception about some methods, like if they could not help because those are vanity issues. And, on that, this sort of thinking has tendency of to always blame fashion and make-up renegading them of the “helping side”. Like, if instead of to really help on a cause those sort of methods would be selling something. People is very wrong thinking like that and here is the prove of how make-up can be transformed in some good hands in a way of expression and to call attention about humanitarian issues.

On the picture, Rand Jarallah, a Palestinian activist and make-up artist, whom pretends to show the world not everything is so simple and easy like it seems and she wants to do it in the best way she knows: “using make-up.” So, please, do not be discouraged about what others could say of any sort of artistic method you would be using for to express the social causes in which you are involved: make-up, clothing, draw, write… Anything can help to make it. And just as a remember: to help in social causes does not have anything to do with politics of any side. To whoever will try to force you to that, like artist or activist, it is only trying to use you to get power and not really for to resolve a problem which could affect to the worldwide population, a small group or animals worldwide. It has been always like that, despite what so many people liked to tell or to sell about it. One must have the enough judgement for to know how to separate personal believes, art, work… From politics. And one can join politics, that’s truth. But to join politics does not mean the politics must dictate how one must to do their act or to express oneself. If that happens, what those people are doing is not democracy at all if not brainwashing. Express yourself, and do not be scared of to change your make-up or wardrobe for to do it. Those things should not be attached to popular opinion, politics or prejudices of any sort.