Hour of Code

Join hour of Code this December.

Join hour of Code this December.

Today’s, is World Science Day for Peace and Development and this site wanted to show you something very CS like. Honestly, we are not here made to the advancing computer programming and computer development jokes but Worldless is making its best to pass the K9 level at Code.org

What are we going to do? Not everybody has been born with the same sort of wits of ways of thinking. While some people can make complicated math calculation, create fascinating softwares, which made our lives more easy… Some others hold history events, boring stuff… Not everybody is made of the same paste. Still, it is right the human being needs science, they need to improve and to know and to learn things.

In our days, it is unthinkable to do anything without the use of computers so why not to start to teach the kids since they are young that way of thinking? Because it is clear the CSS does not think equal than when the owner of this site started with MS-DOS… Do you remember that? How many commands one needed to remember and all of them starting by , or <—>. The only which could be done quick and easy were sums. If anyone dared to want to ask to the “personal computer” -aka a huge heavy box which could not be moved from the desk- any more complicated stuff like a square root… One needed to know the right too. One really had to love computers on those times for to know that. However, in our days everything is more easy. So, why do not you join code.org -which is free and in several languages- and you learn or encourage others for to make it?

Clue: kids love to have classes about that teachers. Join!