Your voice can end with extreme poverty

Children refugees. Picture courtesy Global Citizen.

Children refugees. Picture courtesy Global Citizen.

It has been a week with so much drama and action on the media field. If the elections of any USA President use to generate global agitation, it could be said this last ones will really pass to history for that. Still, leaving aside if USA is going to move forward or to go to the past, there are more immediate issues to attend and which could be shadowed by all this American talk.

The UE is going to approve the budget destined to end poverty: to help on the refugee crisis, help in social causes… This next 17th November. The past budgets have resulted extremely low for all the different events which ruefully have happen. And you have the option to insist they will add more this time. How? Signing this petition by Global Citizen and ONE. Why is this important? Why is important to add your signature and your voice? Because the next approval of budgets will be seven years later. It is a measure which is taken from seven years to come and not yearly how so many people thinks it works. So, if you really want to help, it is now or you will be late. Because once a budget is approved the only method of to help those people in disadvantage is via NGO donation or cooperation. It is how it works and not other ways.

Please, sign. Join your voice. Help and share.