Mining at Africa

Mining at Eritrea. Picture courtesy Walk Free

Mining at Eritrea. Picture courtesy Walk Free

There are some things which a lot of people unknowns. One of the biggest ones is in modern slavery issues or terms. There are people whom gives for granted slavery does not exist. In other hand, others believe it exists and it is encouraged for big companies. Sometimes, it is like that but not always. Unluckily, not each problem this planet has can be classified in black or white boxes, there are thousands of shades of grey in between to arrive to those colours and that is what it seems so many people does not want to understand.

For to start, it is a fact: slaves exist. The problem of slavery is it cannot be measured by the law equally. One can see the world from an occidental perspective and to look to a case and to say: “Oh, that’s slavery. Look how those people are working!” However, from the African, or Asian, South American perspective that is not slavery: that is their way of living.

In some cases, it is needed some legal help and some education for to solve that problem. Still, in others, the whole laws that the country have allow that sort of employment. Maybe they do not allow it directly but it is well know there is so much corruption on that area that everybody gives for granted those sort of unfairness are going to happen. And, for those cases of diplomatic argues between laws and borderlines it is what it plays an important role the Unite Nations (UN).

UN revises those laws, checks if it is any sort of infringement on other global treaties or human rights. Then, they make their best to move those unfair treatments to tribunals. To set precedents of the gravity of those acts, at the same time NGOs work on the field changing the problems this area could have. This is the normal procedure.

However, here, it is going to be showed a double case. Both about Africa and the tricky work NGOs made on the field to try to make people is working right. For one side, you have this video about children slavery in gold mines at Ghana. How Free the Slaves and UNICEF partner together to help those people and to resolve that problem.

On this other case, it is a petition from Walk Free for to end mining slavery on Eritrea. This case is of the real corrupt ones. It mixes huge Canadian companies, with corrupt Governments, people suffering… This way, there is a bit of everything on this slavery issue. Just in case some people keeps having doubts about what is good, what is bad and how everything is working. Please, read the full explanation of the case here before to sign the petition. It is on the gathering of facts before to raise a judgement when it resides the real work of humanitarians and not in to speak and to make noise without to be totally certain about what one is talking about.