Voices for Wildlife

Okavango delta in Botswana. Picture courtesy National Geographic

Okavango delta in Botswana. Picture courtesy National Geographic

Illegal poaching is one of the most threatening problems that most of the wildlife species on our planet have to deal with. It seems the training of rangers for to protect those ecosystem and areas is not enough. Neither the several attempts of training and educating people about what animal conservancy means for to maintain the balance on a wild living environment or what supposes the disappearance of any species.

Like it is long time job, National Geographic works for to protect those areas with people on the field, at the same time those images are used for to help, to promote and to educate new generations for to feel curious about the environment and for to protect those magnificent animals. However, the new reports on the field could be quite overwhelming. It has been proved the advance of technology and weapons has made impossible to those rangers to know which sort of danger are going to find on their work. Simply, because this sort of syndicated people is better prepared than the one at the field. This means: one is never sure what sort of thing they are going to fire but they are going to shoot.

There are several ways in which you can help. One is sharing the knowledge or to read more. Also, you can enjoy and to share this new series National Geographic has started and which is about fighting wildlife crime. Finally, there is always the option of to donate for to help those people on the field to get better resources for to make their work. Whatever you will choose, do not become a bystander if you really want to preserve those species for the future.