“I just want to go back to school”

Animation for the film. Picture courtesy Messengers of Humanity

Animation for the film. Picture courtesy Messengers of Humanity

What does it create poverty? The lack of education? The wrong economical government? Corruption? The acts of an individual towards other? Or maybe the acts that a person has following his own judgement? When poverty starts? When one decides to attack other? Or maybe when one decides to do not act when one can foretell the threat and the upcoming attack? What does it make all of this start? It is difficult to say. Poverty is not a matter which is influenced only by one of those factors if not by so many of them. Still, on this is always forgotten another poverty important actor: the weather.

Some people believes that for to live in certain lucky geographical areas those climate change effects are only a tale which is told by newspapers and magazines. A tale called El Niño which affects South America. And a tale called La Niña which tends to affect Africa. Actually, the names given to those weather tales are not really important. Neither the fact that, sometimes, La Niña can affect America and El Niño can affect Africa. It is like when a hurricane is named. The important is not the name if not the damage it generates and that, generates poverty.

The following tale is going to be narrated by a South African girl whom only thinks in to can go back to school to can be a doctor one day but maybe, she could not because for her climate change is not a tale. It is a reality. Right now, UNOCHA has only a 38% of the budget needed for to help people on this cases. That is a fact. So while the world keeps deciding if everything about climate change is a tale or not. While so many middle class children protest because they do not want to go to school. There are so many others whom will have the pleasure of to change shoes. Would you? Help, support, listen, share, donate. Make people to know about. It is not a tale. It is truth. And like it happens to them it could happen to you.