Diagram of how (RED) works. Courtesy of (RED)

Diagram of how (RED) works. Courtesy of (RED)

There are several NGO campaigns which work in partnership with so many different companies. Somehow, this site has been attacked on the past for to give the best in to share that information to the world. However, it seems there are certain groups of the population which want to transform any idea for to help others in a personal selfish ideological battle about if that “is the right way of to help or not”. There are not rights or wrongs. If it works it works. And (RED) campaign is one of the proves this sort of campaigns work.

Above, you have a diagram of how (RED) works. And bellow, you have a video explaining everything with more detail. The objective of this campaign is to eradicate the transmission of VIH between mothers and babies to make possible a generation free of AIDS. And it is working! So, why do not you check (RED) store before to make your Christmas shopping? Maybe you could find the same things on the Christmas list but which will help to so many others. Also, if you are a fan of our friends at Omaze, they have prepared some interesting new dream experiences in which only for to participate you will be helping.

Do not forget. If you cannot help. Share and spread the information about how this initiatives work is an option too. Be Empowe(RED).