What Women Want 2.0

Protest reclaiming women's rights. Picture courtesy Global Citizen.

Protest reclaiming women’s rights. Picture courtesy Global Citizen.

There is some sort of myth which it affects globally to all the females. It is this common issue in which it seems women do not know what we want. You know, it is the constant male saying. When the fact is that so many women on this planet have extremely clear what we want. The problem is those people whom accuses us of to tell us that we do not know, they do not let us to reach our objectives, goals… And most of the times, those are not selfish interests because to fight for: to have the same rights than males, to end with the paying or wage gap, or maybe simply to talk about certain parenting planning issues and laws which talk about our reproductive system and not about the male’s one… Well, not for anything but it is quite sexist.

Yes, this place is quite feminist for so many reasons. And between one of the things which is right to reclaim are those rights and to speak for all the girls on this planet whom cannot. Not need to specify, it is already well known.

This year, Global Citizen has opened a new campaign about all of this. About to give to women voice. Having like example UK where it seems it is perfectly normal to have heads of state at charge, it could be applied the same rule to so many other countries. But it seems it is quite hard to certain egos to allow that. For this reason, women must to keep fighting like on the old times: from behind the line. That way we reclaim our rights and we share our voice and, one day, someone will awake and he will say: “Oh that females wanted that.” Right, we were saying it all the time but you have needed that we made it complicated because you could not assume the simple fact.

So girls in the world, it is time to speak online. Click here and tell to Global Citizen and the whole world what you want. Because if not it seems we will keep without “knowing” what we want. Clue: We know.


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