Follow the Money

Candidates, and "un-candidates," for the presidency are slicing and dicing campaign-finance law, testing the boundaries of what's legal. Picture courtesy NPR.

Candidates, and “un-candidates,” for the presidency are slicing and dicing campaign-finance law, testing the boundaries of what’s legal. Picture courtesy NPR.

Today is anti-corruption day. A date which is marked on the calendar after it was needed to remember people the importance of transparency and ethics. It seems shocking in our days. It could look like this sort of events only happen in far remote lands outside the civilisation… When the truth is corruption is everywhere. Starting for developed countries to small ones in which no one have ever heard about.

It is a theme difficult to end. It would be like to try to finish with envy, lust, greed or any other sin on the world. Still, the responsibility of the citizens is to talk about it and to ask to our governments the needed measures to end with those injustices. If not, there is always the option to go to major forces like international tribunals, newspapers, NGO’s… But never, to take justice by its own hand because that has consequences for so many. Including for the one whom want to declare himself justice fighter without to be allowed to be. It seems all this superhero wave has affected more than one brain in ways which were not at all expected.

The key for to fight against corruption is not other than the new Open Data systems and transparency. Also, press plays a very important role on the theme having as responsibility to make know people the news, to bring culture and to show them the injustice that others are committing on their own countries to start a mobilisation. Against the system? No, just against the rotten apple. That certain things must be modified or improved it does not mean they should be demolished and on that line it is when it keeps the right balance of this society. Also, in to do not reveal the sources of information and to respect the professional secret. Clearly, on this world everything has consequences. But, if anyone wants to work for to make of this world a transparent and peaceful one. It must to be started for to do not encourage people to war actions if not to a peaceful ones.

Bellow, you have a video from ONE campaign which describes how it is working with to end the corruption problem in Africa. It is a slow process but it is working. Also, you can read more about all this campaign for to catch greedy people here. Peace and Love everyone.