Girls Write Now

Girl writing. Picture courtesy Girls Write Now.

Girl writing. Picture courtesy Girls Write Now.

On this times when it seems everything could be wrong in certain countries, different society groups… We should not forget how important is that some people keeps giving hope and support to others in need. It is a constant feedback: one day, a total stranger helps you to overcome your insecurities. In behalf, one day, you will do the same for any other. Sometimes even for the same person you are helping. That no one never knows. Still, those are some of the basic principles of mentorship and teaching.

However, in our days, we keep having a problem: the lack of gender equality in certain circles or jobs. It is well known, that must of us, girls, we tend to think we have so many faults. Not sure if this comes from the sort of education, society, the places in which we have been raised… But it is a global issue: so many women in the world do not believe they can archive certain goals. Despite they could, they have the talent and all the tools inside of them they need for to make it. We believe we cannot and for this reason we need some “extra-help” more than help is a “support” whom will guide us and to whom will give us this little spark of confidence which is needed. That way, we can reclaim our place in the world.

Here is a tool so many of you can use, in special if you are interested in writing or any sort of creative work. If you live on New York area, it is a plus but I am sure the girls of this NGO will not have any problem in to help you or to guide you as much as you can. It is a NGO called Girls Write Now. Do you know that television series called Girls? The myth is truth. Some of the biggest stories of our times have been born at coffee shops while the author/creator was enjoying a treat and working. Because writers are constantly creating and working despite what you can think. Not only fiction or good non-fiction books are developed. Sometimes great ideas for to help and support another girls in to writing have been born at coffee shops too. Check the video bellow and see what they do. Do not have any fear of to join them or to want to know more. Any help needed on the present will be a lesson for the future and a tool for to help others arrived the moment.