Why is important to help?

Picture courtesy Tahiri Justice Centre.

Picture courtesy Tahiri Justice Centre.

Actually, there are so many sad stories around the world. Not only wars, refugees, immigration… There are so many cases against women whom are beaten, bad treated, rapped, obligated to marry when they are just children… The list is so long that it seems never ending but it is real.

Desperately, most of this women look for a escape of their abusers. Some of them cannot. The only hope they have is to fly away to other countries when they think they can have better lives. Let’s be honest, all those cases of massive immigration movements or refugees will not exist if people will feel save on their countries. So why does not people work for to make safer those conflictive places? Because certain mentalities do not allow them to happen. Those people do not want to understand they are acting wrong and they prefer to blame any other, including their wives or children, than to recognise the path of hate, war and to impose fear in others for to feel themselves respected only leads to isolation and more destruction.

However, not all the problem is on the problem itself if not on the people whom leaves their homes for to try to escape of the problem. Then, they cross frontiers and they find themselves in other problem: the country laws. Even if they have the total legal right for to ask asylum. There is a series of circumstances which no one can avoid. It is called bureaucracy and yes, it looks like it is the worst thing on the planet, but it has a series of good purposes and reasons behind which must to be respected for to keep with the democracy.

It is for this reason that organisations like Tahirih Justice Centre on the United States of America exist. They do not only help those victims of abuses whom had found themselves in complicated legal situations if not the protect them using their legal knowledge for to improve the situation of all those women and children. In most cases, they do it totally free and it is for this reason that they need donations from outside for to protect this people about the legal things they were not aware. Would you help them and support them? You can do it in several ways: donating or sharing their work and what they do worldwide. Maybe, you will never need about them. But maybe someone close to you could need it and information is the best resource we have.

Furthermore, all the years they celebrate an annual Gala at Washington DC, for to get more funds on their never ending work. You can have more information here. So if you want to join them and support the cause. You are invited to it.