All I Want For Christmas

Picture courtesy Omaze.

Picture courtesy Omaze.

It is this time of the year… We all know. People needs to find out where they can: get the Christmas presents, the meals, prepare everything, everybody turns nuts, the kids constantly asking: “But Santa is going to come?”, Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps looking at toy shops that toy his kid ordered on the last moment and which is off since he made that film, then there is a group of fellows at London whom share different romantic stories on these days Love ActuallyI think… Bill Murray whom keeps dealing each year with the ghosts. Macaulay Culkin whom does not grow up on this dates and whom is ALWAYS Home Alone… And in between all this classics of this dates it cannot be missed the Christmas songs. The Christmas spirit, the wish to give to others… The mistletoe, the spicy warm recipes of beverages, or the hot cocoa, the socking on chimneys, the Christmas trees… But now, let’s be serious. Have you already bought your Christmas gifts?

So, like people like to leave everything for last moment and later they tend to blame the elves, or Father Santa about it has been impossible to find the right choice. Here, it is proposed a very cool one. Which it is not only to make you feel more unique in your Christmas choices than the Three Wise Men if not you are going to be helping to good causes which help to so many people around the world. Because that is what Omaze does: dream experiences, exclusive geek merch and all for to help someone else on this planet which, in real, is the Christmas spirit. You can participate on the actual Shopathon campaigns which have (RED) exclusive products and the opportunity to have life time experiences. Or directly go to the Omaze Santa shop. There you could find another sort of old campaigns merch, which is pretty geek, exclusive and cool. And you will be helping anyway. Because let’s be honest. We know what you want for Christmas: “All you want for Christmas is YOU.”

Like a remember for the younger generations: