Emergency in Aleppo

Girl at Aleppo. Picture courtesy UNHCR.

Girl at Aleppo. Picture courtesy UNHCR.

So many of you have listened the news: the situation is heartbreaking. The people of Aleppo are in desperate need of all the help we can offer, now more than ever.

If on the past years they have been suffering from constant attacks. Now the struggle is more violent and hard even with the war directly on their streets and knocking down their houses.

Right now, UNHCR is working on the field giving food and shelter as so many as they can. As well as providing essential relief items like counselling and protection services to traumatised new arrivals, including many children whom have ended without no one.

It is right: these are hard times for so many and in special for some people more than other but everybody deserves the right of to have some help on the most difficult times. It is for that, that if you can give some contribution or donation to UNHCR this Christmas for to help this people. So many children at Aleppo will appreciate that. Thanks in advance.