Music Without Frontiers

Music Without Frontiers. Picture courtesy of UNPO.

Music Without Frontiers. Picture courtesy of UNPO.

On this times of the year we should share our good intentions and to be closer to others. It is not an imposition it is what the end of the year marks like a natural process of to think back to what has happened on the year, what we have done and we have pretend to do next one. There is not better way to do it than always having in consideration the people whom is more close to our lives.

It has been shared here several times about Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) whom help people from different nations to raise their voice on their local causes helping them to reach NGO’s, the European Parliament or the United Nations for to present their problems. UNPO focus more in sharing and formation than in active campaigns like other NGO do. However, this does not mean the work they do is less important than other humanitarian causes on the field.

This year, on their traditional Christmas recollect of founds they gift you a CD for each 25$ of donation. It is called Music Without Frontiers and it is made for minority independent music bands of places so remote like Tibet, Oromo, Zanzibar… Because music and artist exist all around the world and all of them have the right to share their work and to be discovered. This way, they are discovered, and their work is going to be a reward for a humanitarian foundation. It is how it works, it is how it helps. And to all the ones whom are always interested in to discover new music, this sort of unknown musicians and their personal point of view of to express their art are like gems for to discover inside the so more than habitual music.

So, if you are a music lover and you do not have so much idea in which cause to donate this year. Here is a good option. Do not forget to share your support.