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It's a Wonderful Life. Picture courtesy AFI.

It’s a Wonderful Life. Picture courtesy AFI.

Storytelling has always been the way the human being had for to teach. The teachings can be of different sources like: entertaining, how certain human behaviours act in front of certain situations, about science, sociology, human relations… The list of what storytelling teach is huge because it can teach about everything but at the same time it can also do not teach about anything at all. That is the marvellous potential of stories.

Two centuries ago, and like a new storytelling format, it was born filmmaking. Since then, what it was a simple recording of events has been improved in so many different ways: technologically and on the ways, or format, in which to tell the stories. However not everything is so easy. Every piece created needs of conservation but also, new students must be instructed on this art. Sadly, it seems no one has been born already learning.

Institutions like American Film Institute (AFI) care about this preservation and instruction of young filmmakers in our days. They help new students whom want to become filmmakers to learn and to release their work. If you click here, you can learn the stories of how many people has incorporated to the director’s life after to have served on war times. Or how AFI is working for to make of gender equality on filmmaking a reality, compromising to make more female directors working on television series, films or helping them to develop their projects. A very hard and difficult work indeed but someone must to make it.

Unluckily, I cannot post directly on this web the AFI video in which Frank Capra talks about the most simple things which are needed to create a story. Still, you can watch it here. Please, do not forget to join, donate or to subscribe if you feel storytelling and filmmaking is important for to keep gifting hope and inspiration to so many.