Be Bold. Join the Mane

Picture courtesy National Geographic.

Picture courtesy National Geographic.

Actually, there is a huge movement for to protect endangered species in the world. However, for some reason, there are certain institutions or NGOs which are working on this sort of conservation and preservation work since their origins but people does not have them in consideration anymore. Maybe for ignorance, sometimes because people give for granted other people know about them when in real they are not well documented enough, bad publicity about the NGO ur organisation which has made believe falsehoods about it… The list of the possible causes is so long that, in real, it is better to do not think about it at all. If not to write about the facts and what is real.

The truth is that, as you can see, on this site are supported several causes and one of them, from the very beginning is National Geographic and their wildlife campaigns for to protect lions. They have also: rhinos, elephants, the Sea Pristine projects for to protect the Galapagos… The list is quite big actually. And they allow you to choose to which animal in concrete you prefer to send your donation, or if you prefer to do it in general. The issue in real does not matter what it matters is that you are really helping on a good cause. Each year, for free -even if you have just donated 5$- they will send you in a detailed format all what they have done with the money. To which environmentalist, people on the field and species they are helping… All with a total transparency which seems in our days people insist in to put down and to make doubt others whom does not have so much culture about the realities of how certain companies work.

For this reason, and for the reason that this page is not only an humanitarian cause for so many if not because it belongs to a filmmaker too. I recommend you to give. Right now, for each dollar that you will donate National Geographic will double the impact of your donation. They will do this until the end of this year so that way, you will also have some benefits arrived the time of to make your taxes.

Personally, I know it is hard in our days for so many of our generation. It does not matter which profession we had studied, the reality is not easy to make it neither to find paid jobs. That is right. It is a fact. But that does not change the reality: we could be bad but there are so many other people whom have found themselves on the middle of real wars and they are worst. So, instead of to keep complaining about why others do not help you. Why do not you start to believe you can help others with your own work and support? Make real videos showing the reality of the situations. Not mock ones using FX for to fake reality. Help, support others, animals if you prefer… And donate because to give is to receive, in unexpected ways, but it is receive do not doubt about it. Like I have said, I have a personal philosophy like a creator or filmmaker. Each time I finish a project, even if that one cannot be released right now or in years, I support a cause. I donate for a cause. That is the reason in all this long, here at Worldless, there are together so many organisations and NGO’s. It is up to you but remember something because it is a very important teach: “You never sell what you do if not what you did before.” That is how any work -creative or not- really works, never forget it and Merry Christmas to all. Peace and Love.