A New Hope

Picture courtesy NoHep.

Picture courtesy NoHep.

One of the Global Goals for 2030 is not only to finish with global hunger, climate change, gender equality issues… Between those goals it is also included to end with certain viral illness like HIV and Hepatitis. There are several types of Hepatitis, each one of them with a more aggressive effects than others. However, in our days, so many of them can be cured. Still that does not happen for all sort of superstitions and lack of culture in so many places in the world.

One of the biggest examples of this happens at India. People prefers to believe their symptoms are caused by all sort of jinxes and superstitions instead for an illness. They go to alternative healers which offer all sort of faith and natural therapies but which do not really stop the virus if not they keep spreading it everywhere: between their families, loved ones and anyone else. When, the reality of the situation is that if they had trusted in doctors most of them had been cured in three weeks and without side effects.

Tv/E Films for Change in collaboration with World Hepatitis Alliance has made a series of films which you can watch here. This way, it pretends people could learn about it and to take the step of to accept their illness and not, for that reason they are suffering discrimination or any sort of jaunice. That anyone could be infected but it is thanks to the support of everybody what they will be stronger and could fight it bringing a new hope to their lives. If you are interested in to know more about this illness, please check NoHep. They will update you of the measures in each country people is taking for to end with this disease.