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It's a Wonderful Life. Picture courtesy AFI.

It’s a Wonderful Life. Picture courtesy AFI.

There are a bit of confusion on storytelling and filmmaking professions or roles in our days. It seems, the opportunity that anybody could have access to cameras has created so many self-named artists whom expect to be recognised for their work and talent by the industry. However, most of them keep without to know how the industry works. Instead for to find answers, schooling or solutions, it seems in our days it is more easy to complain. Sometimes even expect that the fact of to be managing an online career at Youtube could grant some sort of “discover” and that will solve their lives. When, indeed, filmmaking is not about this at all if not about to keep working hard: to set new challenges and to make everything on a team work. Fact which seems it is forgotten in our days, including at filmmaking schools. Because some people insist they can do by themselves everything involved on the set. No, that is a sort of filmmaking. Although it is not the same filmmaking of success and salvation so many people think about. This last one, is based in to help others and team work. Not on to make the things on Solo mode.

There are several ways to learn filmmaking and to support other artists work. One of those is on the American Film Institute (AFI), even if you cannot afford to receive classes there, a simple donation, subscription to their channels or membership will give you the right path information needed for to learn what it is needed to know about filmmaking. Still, and in collaboration with this organisation. In time to time it will be shared here some of their basic learning resources. On there, experienced people on filmmaking talks about their experiences or work. An opportunity that not so many have of to attend, to read or to have heard about. So, from here, it is launched a call on this 2017 for the other filmmaking fellows about to learn from the professional ones instead of the first Youtuber or people online whom declares himself to know so much. If you have the chances of to learn directly from the accurate and trusted source, why have you to trust the first one whom promises so much without to show?

Please, if you can economically afford a donation to AFI do it. And if you cannot, subscribe to their sites for free. Do not deny to yourselves the knowledge that they give for free.

Bellow, there is an original recording of cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond (1930-2016), Close Encounters on the Third Kind, The Deer Hunter… He teaches why is important the work of the director and the camera man, or director of photography, will not be the same. Even if anyone believes s/he can make it by his/her own, not everybody has the Kubrick capacity for to focus on so many aspects at a scene if it is wanted to be done a great job. I hope you enjoy.


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