You Can Learn Anything

Picture courtesy Khan Academy

Picture courtesy Khan Academy

We are living times full of all sort of opportunities in comparison with a few years ago. In other years it would have been totally unbelievable how the world can be so easy connected today and we can have the opportunity to study for free, from our houses anything people wish or want. This is a huge gift that not so many can spot and they prefer to ignore, wasting their time bullying others, watching so much the same content or even stalking other figures. Why? If on our days the access to know things is free and it can become a better self-investment in your life that any other sort of trolling actions of which we all are already tired of?

It is a fact. The problem in our days is not the lack of knowledge by itself if not like Stephen Hawking says: “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” It seems it is given for granted so many knowledge things which are not accurate or they are hoaxes instead. That is a problem.

From the beginning, on of the basics of Worldless site, it has been to educate, to share knowledge and to help people to learn. For this reason, it has been recurrent the posts about Khan Academy and the work they make almost for free for to share all sort of knowledge in so many different languages online. Following that philosophy, I encourage you to visit more often Khan Academy, and to make any sort of donation if you can. If not, just remember the point is not only in to know, if not in to understand it.