Heartbeats. Picture courtesy ING and UNICEF

Heartbeats. Picture courtesy ING and UNICEF Visit heartbeats.es

There is a series of marketing campaigns which not everybody understand and when this happens the first thing which is found is rejection to anything which is involved with marketing, companies or NGO’s. In special with this ones which are the ones whom suffer the worst effect. For this reason, it has been thought it would be a good idea to start to explain things on this web about how certain things work. With that, and with a bit of hope, probably so many people could learn of so many things which they seem do not want to know.

This is a Spanish campaign but the location does not matter you can enjoy it worldwide without the need of to download any app. The experience which you can check on the video bellow is totally free. It is called Heartbeats and it encourages you to make your heart move for a good cause. I am not going to spoil you the ending. Let’s just say that when more hearts will be on movement for a same cause more it will be possible to help to others. On this case, ING has partnered with UNICEF and Power for Youth. Why? Because they want to help to make beat the hearts of so many young people at countries like: Nepal, Zambia, Philippines, Indonesia, Kosovo and Montenegro. And they cannot do it if you do not move or you start to move for them. Sometimes it is only needed a donation. Sometimes, what they need is inspiration to keep working, educating themselves and fighting for to be what they want to be. What it is clear is, in most of the cases, they need help. That help could seem it is not material, if not more ethereal or abstract. But it is there. And when your heart beats and their heart beats together for the same cause it could be done together so many great things.