Women 4 Change

Bracelets Women 4 Change. Picture courtesy Gioseppo Shoes.

Bracelets Women 4 Change. Picture courtesy Gioseppo Shoes.

In certain areas of the world it could seem this which is going to be told does not happen but in real, there is so much social discrimination in our days. In special, in women issues.

We all know the troubles so many refugees are having for the consequences of war. It is a fact, so many of them recognise: that they were fine on their countries, that if the bombs had not knocked to their doors destroying everything in the way they had done they had not left their business, work, houses… Everything behind. Some of them do not even have idea of why it started those wars and why their own society divided too quick in factions which did not promoted any peaceful solution at all. Desperate, they decided to risk their lives going to other countries only with the hope of to survive but so many of them have faith that when everything will finish; they will come back to their places to rebuild what they had. No, it is not an invasion of immigrants. Those are the consequences of certain countries at war which cannot resolve their own problems and people acting for survival instincts but that is all.

In between all those people whom looks for alternative ways of living, whom probably have been accepted in others countries and they are actually living at Europe. There is an interesting knowledge to share. They are not the ones whom decide where to go if not it is the country whom adopts them the one whom decides everything without them even know if that paperwork is happening, if someone is making something about them or not. And in between, they must to make their best: only having hope and faith, while they wait in all sort of conditions on a refugee camp. That is the reality.

Still, there is another issue of which no so many talk about. It is the difference which exists in between the treatment to men and women on these refugee camps. Because if we all know gender equality is not reached on civilised and modern places of occidental thinking. It is not needed to expect that in other places which discrimination is worst everything is going to be easier when in real it is not.

For this reason, and with the purpose of to help those women whom are Refugees at Lebanon and Syria, it has been born Women 4 Change. An initiative of the Esperanza Pertusa Foundation and their brand Giossepo Shoes. They sell this bracelets which you see on the picture and which you can get here. All the money of those sells will be redirected to help those women on their adaptation and struggles which they suffer each day like refugees. Give them a chance and stand for Women 4 Change.