Call on G7 #Nohunger2030

Child eating. Picture courtesy Global Citizen.

Child eating. Picture courtesy Global Citizen.

One of the causes which is affecting for so long this world is global hunger. It is an issue which seems it can never be resolved or it is too hard to fix because it uses to be caused for: extreme poverty, sometimes for natural disasters, wars… The list is infinite.

On any case, past year, the Group of 7, also known like the G7, compromised themselves to create a series of strategies for to lift 500m of people from hunger and malnutrition by 2030. There is just a problem… That until now, there is not any proposal or plan on the table explaining how they want to make it. Neither it has been moved any economical found for to resolve this global problem of vital importance.

For this reason, Global Citizen has launched a new petition campaign: for to remember those people in power they must act. You can sign it here. Will you join us or are you keep going to be a bystander? Move, act, believe, change… It is live.