It’s not about pipelines

Water Protecters people at Standing Rock. Picture courtesy of Vogue.

Water Protecters people at Standing Rock. Picture courtesy of Vogue.

Weeks ago, it was shared worldwide the controversy at Standing Rock with the Dakota Pipeline. Luckily, the issue was resolved before Christmas arrived until… Yesterday.

No one is really sure about which sort of motivations, faiths or beliefs have moved the new president of the USA to change his mind. What it is for sure is the stocks of those companies: Keystone XL, and Energy Transfer Equity, L.P. and Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. whom are behind Dakota Access have rose by several percentage points at the market. Also, that this decision of to bring back the old oil plans has created a disturbance: turning again the Standing Rock people and the Water Protectors in the new North Star of the forgotten activism used for to make the whole world aware of the environmental injustices which are happening. Including possible water contaminations of the Missouri river for those pipelines which seem are the most important things right now to make.

The numbers are clear. Fossil combustibles create benefits in short term with high contamination and danger for the nature in all sort of ways. While other methods of clean energy like: solar, wind, hydroelectricity techniques or even a dynamo. Generate less benefits but in long term they do not only prevent to exploit and to harm our planet if not they make possible we will have a future.

It is right, on the 50’s and 60’s no one knew about the dangers for the atmosphere of the hairspray but it was proved so many years ago certain chemicals, including the CO2 for the over excess of combustion of fossil materials, caused a degradation on the ozone layer which is the one which protect us of so much tanning, skin cancer and climate change. It is a matter of culture after all. Science was invented for the study and not like a way of to create hoaxes of all sort.

It is for this reason, that it would be a great idea to encourage people to: learn more about climate change, how it is affecting our planet, the consequences certain energies have but also the good consequences the good of other type of energies could have. To read, to write, to share and to express publicly about what it supposes for our planet all of that: for good and for bad.

And, in between all of this, if anyone would like to know more about what is happening at Standing Rock, you can read here this Vogue piece. Also, if you feel that Native Americans of that area deserve some support on an unfair fight which they are dealing for too long. You can leave your message of support here.

Let’s be brutally honest. In the end, the real USA people are the Native American and not a bunch of European ascendents whom believe they have power. “One only has the power others allow him to have.” That is the motto in which Worldless was created like a blog and a fiction series and it pretends to keep loyal to that.


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