From Slave to University Student

Rafael Ferreira at college. Picture courtesy 50 for freedom.

Rafael Ferreira at college. Picture courtesy 50 for freedom.

One of the realities that not so many want to admit, it is modern slavery exists in so many countries of the world. It is true that it is a problem difficult to resolve but that does not make it impossible if not for harder for to reach the goals.

One of the countries which have problems with modern slavery is Brazil. The areas with difficult access made possible that so many people work in unfair conditions. Most of them are cases which are not even known by the authorities. The government of this country have several measures for to fight against those people retaining unfairly others in hard working conditions. However, in most cases, this help cannot save people immediately.

You can read the story of how the young Rafael Ferreira da Silva saw himself working for 1,5$ at day with only 12 years old. Only, because the person holding him said he had a debt to pay which came from his father. Obviously, that debt could never be paid under those working conditions.

He was rescued at the age of 17 during in an operation conducted by the Brazilian Ministry of Labour. And now he is studying engineering at the university. A hard life which has been rewarded giving to him not only his freedom if not the opportunity of to do what he wished: to study.

The 50 for Freedom campaign is working for to end forced labour in the world. You can know more about the members of this group here. Also, if you are interested in to help them to solve this worldwide problem you can add your email address for to sign the petition. The other way of to support is to spread the world about modern slavery conditions and how to solve them around the world. Thanks in advance for your support.