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Picture courtesy Tahiri Justice Centre

There are certain measures which not only affect people if not to progress. Those acts can be seen like protective laws but in real that kind of actions does not protect the citizens if not it restricts their freedom. It is what it happens recently with the new statutes that countries like the Unite States of America have approved. Still, it is better to directly express which are the points in which they do not help to go forward, if not backwards. All thanks to the courtesy of Tahiri Justice Centre an NGO whom works for to assure women and children have the right legal defence they need on immigration cases. Because not all the immigrants leave their countries for to have adventures in others places, if not because it is the only option they see for to survive. Bellow, there is a fragment of the press release published by this organisation. You can read the full text here. For your consideration.

Among many provisions of concern, Tahirih highlights the following:

  • Barring refugees based on their country of origin or religious affiliation will leave women and girls fleeing gender-based violence and entitled to refugee status with no protection. Women and children who desperately need protection from gender-based violence come from around the world, including from majority Muslim countries. We must protect survivors of gender-based violence of all faiths from around the world who seek refuge in the United States.
  • Requiring local law enforcement to engage in federal immigration enforcement will prevent women and children experiencing abuse, human trafficking, and other forms of violence from calling 911 for fear of deportation. Our communities will be less safe as victims and witnesses of crime are unwilling to cooperate with law enforcement. All victims must be able to pick up the phone and call 911, regardless of immigration status.
  • Requiring the continued jailing of traumatized mothers and children at our southern border who have valid claims for asylum as they flee Central American countries with levels of violence that exceed Syria, while their case is adjudicated in a system that is currently backlogged as long as 5 years for the first hearing, is inhumane and in contradiction with our legal obligations.
  • Reallocating immigration judges to detention facilities will dramatically increase the long backlog of immigration cases pending across the country, making it harder for those entitled to protection under our laws to receive it.

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