Fight Slavery in the Thai Chicken Industry

Some of the people freed at the Thai chicken factory. Picture courtesy Walk Free.

Some of the people freed at the Thai chicken factory. Picture courtesy Walk Free.

For so many people seem shocking but modern slavery exists. Sometimes, it is not needed to travel far away from our countries for to find it. Other times, those cases happen at the other corner of the world but that does not mean they are less important or that we should not care about them. In fact, the working conditions in which those people find themselves could happen to anyone of us: anywhere. It is for this reason that if we work together for to end modern slavery, we will improve lives and possibly reduce global hunger, poverty and climate change or environmental problems. It has been proved after so many years of study, modern slavery is the direct consequence which affects to all of that.

This time, there is a case which introduces Walk Free. The case is not new. It was in June of 2016 when a group of 14 workers escaped from a chicken factory where they were working on slavery conditions. They did not only worked for abusive working shifts, if not they were obligated to sleep with the chicken without the right to have their passports, which had been kept by the owners of the factory. All of that, for only 45 cents each hour of work.

Bellow, you can check a video where those people talk about their experiences but if you want to read more or to sign the petition for to end this sort of abusive behaviours against workers you can click here. This sort of cases use to last for years on the legal fight but if we ignore them, they will never be resolved. It is the mission of the writers to keep remembering what happens and what it must be changed. Let’s hope you will wish to be involved and to bring your help.