12 Months/ 12 Possibilities

Picture courtesy Water.org

Picture courtesy Water.org

Water is the main resource any living needs for exist. From molecular unicellular beings to multicomplex one, we all need water for to survive. Ruefully, not everybody has access to it. Not so many can get it from a tap.

There are so many millions of people who does not have access to sanitation or potable water like they should have. In most cases, the consequences of those duties always fall over women’s shoulders and not the male’s ones. Yes, the lack of certain resources if a sexist issue too. In the end, everything is linked by the same chains which are the absence of opportunities and the deficiency of resources. Those things are needed for to improve any society if not it is very difficult to make the world to advance.

It is known that not everybody thinks in the same way than others. On this matter, it refers to give for free for to help others or, maybe, to buy certain products which have a partnership with any foundation or NGO and they are working together for to help to resolve a global cause. There are a series of myths out there which have been created to say those sort of things are only marketing techniques with commercial purposes for to make richer the huge companies or the people behind those brands. Have you heard about hoaxes? So many of them are based on envy and jealousy thoughts for to try to accuse other people of things which that person is not. Sadly, those sort of lies work well against companies or influencers, of all sort -big ones or not-.

It is for this reason which it is proposed to be transparent, just like good quality water, and to do not let any sort of shade could spoil the content. Still, that does not mean people should not have the right to defend themselves and to explain clearly what brands do and what they do not do. And if they help: to say it because, clearly, ignorance and envy are the most powerful enemies of this society.

Yes, it is a good idea to gift for charity. And if they give you a product in exchange for to have been contributing to that cause it is not any crime. It is a way which was invented in the XVIII century for to conscience people to certain global causes. So it is not new at all.

On this case, the problem of the access to water is worst than so many can imagine. You can check the video made by Stella Artois, a beer brand, and Matt Damon. It shows clearly why to give time to people can offer them new opportunities to make their dreams come truth.

How can you contribute to all of this? There are several options: you can donate to water.org, send a Valentine e-card, decide a monthly donative, buy any of those blue bracelets from Chavez which give a 25% of the sales to this water cause or… Why not to “Buy A Lady A Drink“? That is the way of to contribute with Stella Artois.

All those benefits will be destinated to the sort of work which you can see in the video bellow. Make a Valentine’s Day different and not only share the love with your significant one. Share to other people in the world your love.