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Official Logo NaNoWriMo. Picture courtesy of the same organisation.

What does it make someone start to write? A concept? A feeling? An idea? To wish to express something which is considered important by the author to others? What? Why?

There are so many questions which can be formulated on this aspect but what it is clear is: whatever those motives are they have turned on culture, creativity but, above all, freedom of speech. Which it contributes to the sharing of different points of view about the same theme; that leads to knowledge and diversity. With that plus and respect, it is enriched culture. In the end, those things eradicate the absolutist and retrograde ways of thinking which are so dangerous for the correct peaceful development of our society. For this reason and not other, it is important to encourage children to learn, to write, to awake on them the curiosity for to explore, to let them dream and to have imagination… If not, like history has shown us clearly, our society only goes to the Dark Ages of fear, witch hunting and torture times to anyone who dared to express an IQ greater than the ones who believed who were in power at those times. Because, in the end, power is like fame: a dreamlike concept which only feeds the ego but which does not present so much intelligence for the ones who reach it madly.

Please, take a look to If you are fellow writers probably you have already heard about them. It is an initiative which forms part of the group Office of Letters and Light. You can know more about them on the video bellow. Their work is quite humble. They do not pretend to encourage anyone to any political action; just to encourage children to read and write around the world. Sadly, like they recently declare, the new immigration bans can cause this sharing and diversity of knowledge will be stuck. For this reason, and in their own words, they say: “So while we are not a political organisation, we feel moved to take action.

In response to the executive order, as well as any future government efforts that threaten people’s basic freedoms, we will:

Celebrate creativity over apathy, diversity over fear, and productivity over despair.

Welcome all stories and continue to make NaNoWriMo a safe space for all writers.

Advocate for the transformative power of storytelling to connect people and build a better world.

If you have concrete ideas for how we can work toward these goals (or if you have feedback about anything in this message), please share your thoughts.”

Please, do not doubt in to share your thoughts with them. Like a remember, just say this is a non-profit organisation. All their work is subtended thanks to volunteers or donations. Still, the good best is the writer’s community and the campaigns they create for to promote writing at any age or at any part of the world. Make your word counting work.


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