Poverty is Sexist


Beyoncé for ONE campaign. Picture courtesy ONE.

You have seen it around the world: “This is how a feminist looks like”, “I am feminist”, “Girls we can”, “Show your strenghthie”… And dozens more of messages reclaiming gender equality. It is not only a speech. Not a campaign for to end with the gender gap. It is much more indeed. Because so many people do not know in certain countries to have been born a female is enough motive of discrimination. They cannot have access to education, they should be the ones in charge of everything house like without any help, they are the ones who first suffer the consequences of poverty… Yes, it is a sexist issue and for this, this movement.

It is not only a thing in the occidental world. It is something worldwide. And if you are a woman or a feminist with any look of any kind, you are invited to join this upcoming March 8th the several celebrations which are going to be made worldwide by ONE campaign in collaboration with other NGO, foundations and individuals of all the races and sexes. Because here there is not any discrimination accepted of any kind.

You can join clicking here. And to be encouraged to know more on the video bellow. Do not forget to share your strengthie and to reclaim your rights and your place in this world.



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