How An Exile Begins


Nawal, 3-year-old Syrian refugee. Picture courtesy UNHCR

Since 2011 there are so many stories which could be shared involving the refugee crisis in Syria. But maybe, there are people who do not remember why this massive movement of people started. How they decided to leave their houses. Why millions of people are displaced from their homelands. Why some of them had to make it and they do not even know why a war started obliging them to the exile. It is complicated already, not so simple like it seems.

Bellow, there is an old video by UNHCR, just for to remember how stories like the Nawal started. And why those children do not have the fault of to see frontiers closed, to have to live in extreme conditions at refugee camps or why do not they have a house and they cannot live like other families of the world make it. If you would like to help, supporting those refugees who had been terrible affected you can do it here. Thanks in advance for your support.


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