Less Blades. More Pens

Women reclaiming their rights in Africa. Picture courtesy Plan Internacional.

Women reclaiming their rights in Africa. Picture courtesy Plan Internacional.

There are a series of matters in women’s rights which are quite eluded to mention. It is right there are certain campaigns working the whole year. Some NGO‘s focus more on this than others… But in the end, the coverage press about this matter is minimal in comparison with other rights like gender gap, poverty… It is not one is less important than other. All those themes are for to talk about them frequently. Still, when it arrives at gender mutilation there is a huge empty hole of information if it is not on the days assigned for to promote the cause.

Gender mutilation is a problem which keeps existing in 29 countries of Africa and Middle Orient. It affects to more than 125 millions of girls and women around the world who have suffered those atrocities.

Between the risks of those barbaric traditions are massive bleeding, infections, birthchild complications, psychological traumas… In our days those practices keep being realised concealed in so many cases. It is a cultural thing. A very sexist one indeed, which starts because they say women are inferior and they should not feel any pleasure since that is equal to sin. Then, the act comes justified for any religion of your choice and that is all the reason given to all these mutilations.

It is for this that from Plan Internacional NGO it arrives this petition for to end those sexist crimes. Unfortunately this NGO only has the petition page in Spanish but either way, let’s hope it will be enough for to bring more attention to the so many cases which keep happening and which seem forgotten. Instead of blades and torture, it is needed more pens, books and teaching for the good advance of the society.