Refugee Call

Picture courtesy Global Citizen.

Picture courtesy Global Citizen.

People use to think the only refugees which exist are those which are now in trend on the news: the ones which come from Syria, Iraq and which are having so many difficulties crossing several lands or putting their lives at risk on the sea. However, the reality is not exactly how it is showed, there are more refugees than those ones that not all the news sections of any channel can cover daily. There are refugees in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan… In between so many other countries of the world. In fact, right now, South Sudan is affected by an extreme famine crisis.

When people talks about refugee or refugee petitions, our minds use to jump to the last mention on the news we have heard. Sometimes it is simply the one which has been talked more. On any case, it seems other parts of the world are forgotten and that the refugee word does not go with them. When, in fact, it is not.

Global Citizen has created this petition to call of G20 leader who are going to reunite in Hamburg this July. The hope is they will not forget all those people in the world who are in need of help, support and assistance. Will you join in?