March of Time

There is a paradox in all the referent with art and design, of any sort; it is not other that despite the author would not be interested in to give additional interpretations or deep meanings to his/her work certain people is going to try to find them. Sometimes, those things happen for: not enough knowledge, studies, lack of interest or to do not want to learn things… Other times, it happens because certain minds are cunning. So like they work/act those ways they firmly believe the rest of the world does the same. Maybe those artists do not make it but the fact those people think alike simply transforms everything in a message. Not because the artists could be interested, if not because the sly person is always going to look for the message, even if there is or there is not…

In any case, what it is true is we are living some agitated times in which it seems even the word of minor people who is no one should be catalogued, analysed, studied, censored… That creates movements, marches and all sort of events for to remember those in power which are the rights and what is what people want. Because, in the end, the ones in power cannot be there without to have a majority support or… Because they have not played fair but that is something which cannot be proved, neither to be expressed, isn’t it?

Well, either way, looking for messages or not; artists find a way of to release their ideology on their work. To express their opinion and to share their support with the causes they love. It is for this reason that it is not only supported social causes if not art and culture too. To make people understand the complexities and several points of view this world have, to work together for equality, education, end poverty and, why not, to March together in time.

Here, it is offered to you to support American Film Institute (AFI) an organisation founded by Gregory Peck for to preserve films and its story, to educate more filmmakers, to keep history alive and to share the beauty of the cinema to the world. Would you like to join this March in Time?


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