Freedom United

Picture courtesy Freedom United.

It is not the first time this platform is used for to call the attention over modern slavery. It seems an issue which is easy forget it but it keeps existing. Ruefully, slavery is not something which finished with the abolishment laws and several human rights campaigns on the XVIII-XIX centuries.

In our days, slavery has evolved. It keeps happening like in the old times but hidden which makes it more difficult to report. Also, to talk about it. In most of the cases, so many other global matters do not allow enough time to press to talk properly about this things. Definitely, everything needed a change so it has been.

There were several NGO’s working in different fields about slavery. One of them was Walk Free. Actually, this organisation has united with others which had a lesser social media presence to form Freedom United. All together, all connected, easier to report the situations and to defend the victims. Please, check the video bellow and join the more than 8 million people to end modern slavery.