Scared but no broken

Wafaa plays music in a classroom at the temporary shelter, where she has finally been able to start her education and attend school for the first time. © UNHCR

Life is difficult in war times. From UNHCR it arrives the story of Wafaa, a young girl from Aleppo who had a tragic incident. While she was at her home a gas cylinder fall inside her house exploding next to her. She suffered burnings in all her skin which left her disfigured. Actually, Wafaa keeps being the same girl she was. She is starting slowly to make her life, assisting to musical classes, school… Anything which is allowed in the already broken lives of the citizens who keep residing at Aleppo in the middle of the combats. You can read more about her experience here on this post or watch the video bellow. Wafaa and her family are among the 400.000 refugees displaced from the main conflict area in which it is estimated it keeps being 1.5 million people in danger.