Empower a Woman to Change the World

Elma. Picture courtesy Water.org

Once upon a time, there was a song which started its main verse with “…If I could change the world…I could change the world,
I would be the sunlight in your universe…” Actually, so many women would like to hear those words but to hear them in our times it is not enough. We live in a world where women are not empowered enough. Where gender equality is more unfair in some remote areas than ever. No, the solution does not only come playing songs about love if not making the lives of those people easier.

One of the life-changers in all this poverty is sexists issues it is the lack of access to water that those people suffer for the region where they live.

Take the story of Elma for example. She lives with her family in a dirt-floor hut in rural the Philippines. She and her family used to make multiple trips at day to collect water. Until they found out about the WaterCredits that water.org creates. Thanks to this small loans people can get out of their poverty cycles and improve their lives and the ones of their children having more time for to dedicate themselves to other activities. That is a real way of to empower people in the world and to give options of future to their children.

In the end, it is what so many women want: to do not be discriminated and to have the opportunity of to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Having in mind yesterday was World Water Day, why do not decide to support water.org and to empower so many women? It is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of good investments.


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