Talk Politics with Jon Steward in NYC

Jon Steward. Picture courtesy Omaze.

Long time no talk America. It is something which seems has happened since Jon is gone. Actually, is anyone talking or just tweeting and messing online? It seems since the glorious times of tv are passed the world has been invaded by trolls who firmly believe in  Game of Thrones. Sorry, I have not watched it. I cannot really talk about it so much.

Anyway, the world is at a complicated moment. It seems everybody knows about politics. That everybody wants to talk about politics. That everybody firmly believes they know about politics… When politics are very complicated, so here it is Jon Steward who has offered to talk about them with you in New York. Why not having some picnic lunch while you participate in this Omaze event which helps The Mission Continues to save the planet from one of its greatest threats yet: invasive plants.

If you want to know more about this fantastic experience. Click here. Not sure. What are you waiting for? You will help veterans on their mission, your planet, to plant more trees, to know about politics and… To lunch. Just like old times on The Daily Show.