World AIDS Day

Each December 1st, there are celebrated several events in the world to make the communities aware about AIDS and to try to prevent that this illness will pass to the future generations.

Only in Africa, there are 22.9 millions of people affected by this disease that cause all kind of immunodeficiency disorders and which has a high mortality rate in cases in which the illness is not treated. However, most of this people affected are not having medical care because they are not aware that they are infected. Or because they live in extremely poor areas where it is not available the medication. Or, simply, it has an elevate cost that those people cannot have access to it.


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For this reason, it is important to remember this problem but not only on this day. The reality is that more than 35.3 millions of people are infected in all the world. Most of these people have to live not only with the symptoms that this virus causes or with others caused by opportunist infections. They also carry the stigma that this illness has created in the society. A discrimination, in part, created by the ignorance who use to associate this disease with the abuse of drugs and homosexuality. A discrimination that use to think that a person suffering AIDS should not even deserve a shaking hand by the risk of to infect others.

NGO’s like ONE, RED, UNICEF… are having campaigns all this week about the sickness and the solutions that they propose to finish with AIDS. Please, to know more: visit their pages, make your questions and, if you can share the information. Make others know that this problem exists but we can #bethegeneration that can #changeit.