Help Peru

Firefighter saving a girl of the floods.

A few days ago, Peru was hardly affected by the floods and mudslides provoked by the heavy raining. The consequences have been catastrophic: 89 lives have been taken, 72,000 people have been directly impacted and more than 500,000 affected.

Peru is going to need a lot of help and support for to recover but not so many can have access to the areas for to work in the field. Only Save the Children and Cáritas Perú can provide the local resources for immediate help and support.

Having in mind this, there have been other organisations, NGO’s or individuals who have organised campaigns for to recollect money for giving support to those people working in the field and everybody who needs it. One of them is Mario Testino and his Museum MATE in Peru which is the one in charge of this campaign. Please, donate and support. The 100% of the donatives will be sent to Save the Children and Caritas to help to recover Peru. Thank you in advance for your support.