Slavery Nets

Kobina on the shore of Lake Volta, Ghana. Picture courtesy 50 for Freedom.

Modern slavery is more present in some countries than so many people expect. There are several NGO’s and organisations which work worldwide for to resolve this problem but sometimes they do not have enough resources for all the amount of work which is needed.

One part of this work is to diffuse the real cases of slavery, in all their forms, to do not let so many people forget this keeps existing and to all the ones who do not know about these things to make them know. One of the most recent stories is the one which arrives from Ghana where near the Lake Volta thousands of children are working on those bondage conditions. The situation is not fair and it is extremely dangerous for children to work like they do on that fishing industry.

Here, it is introduced by 50 for Freedom the personal story of Kobina who could escape of that thralldom at his 15 years old and thanks to the help of Challenging Heights. Please, read his inspiring story here and do not forget there are so many millions of stories like this which you could share for to awake people about the real modern slavery.