Be A Girls Write Now Mentor Or Mentee

Mentor/Mentee Pair Rakia and Maddie. Picture courtesy Girls Write Now.

Life is better in two in two, or why not more than two? The point is in to share, to have experiences with others but, above all, about to help to improve others. This is the reason why Girls Write Now is launching their new mentorship campaign because it is better if you always have the support of a more experienced person for to write. Even more, if you are only a teen. Fact, which could seem irrelevant but it is not because so many young people quit before they could even learn to reach their goals and dreams.

Unluckily, this application is only valid for people living in New York area and not worldwide. You can apply for to become a mentor of new great young female writers who does not know their storytelling potential yet. Or you can become the mentee if you need someone who guides you and encourages you blindly to keep typing what you feel. In any case, you can do it clicking here before June 1st.

From the part of this site, it would be a pleasure to participate in this sort of events. However, and for the moment, the cheering and support to all these new creators which have so many storytelling skills will keep being thought this social media platforms. Keep typing.


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